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Cross Walk Safety Solutions

Pedestrian Crossing Safety

Trust LightGuard Systems and Ikon Engineered Solutions as your pedestrian safety system partner.

LightGuard Systems® Smart Crosswalk™ in-roadway warning light, flashing LED warning sign and RRFB systems help planners, policy makers, and engineers create safer environments for pedestrians.
LightGuard Pedestrian Crossing Safety
LightGuard’s solutions include:
    • Lighted warning systems for crosswalks and pedestrian crossings
    • Manual and passive pedestrian and vehicle sensors that trigger a lighted crosswalk warning system’s blinking lights
    • System controllers, data collection, storage and management devices
    • Flashing LED pedestrian, stop, yield, school zone and custom signs
    • Solar wireless flashing LED warning sign systems
    • Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons (RRFB)
  • LightGuard’s products are used at uncontrolled intersections, mid-block marked crosswalks, and crosswalks with pedestrian, school or trail crossing signs, at locations such as:
    • — Urban mid-block crosswalks
    • — School zones
    • — Intersections with through lanes on major legs
    • — Multi-lane crosswalks
    • — Greenways
    • — Trail crossings
    • — Airports
    • — Parking facilities
    • — Corporate campuses
    • — University campuses
Customers choose LightGuard for its easy-to-install, robust, reliable and cutting-edge-technology systems, better pedestrian safety outcomes and a safer, more effective traffic calming method.


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