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iKon Engineered Solutions are a leading Engineered Applications provider specialising in providing high quality Process Safety solutions to the Resource, Manufacturing and Power Generation sectors. Please view our full Capability Statement below, or call our friendly team on (07) 5341 8353 to discuss your service needs.

Installation Instructions for the Ikon Stem Tube Arrangement

Step 1:

Ensure that the valve is in the fully OPEN position. On the center position of the rising stem, drill 8.5mm hole ready to tap out to 10mm x 1.5mm thread, as shown in below photo.

Step 4:

Locate the threaded extension bar and screw into the M20 nut that is welded to the Threaded extension bar mounting adaptor, with the chamfered end screwed into the nut to locate into the recess on the stem adaptor.

Step 5:

Place the inner tube over the threaded extension bar and locate flange onto the handwheel. Using the supplied clamps and bolts, secure the inner tube by using the handwheel spokes and bolting at even intervals around the flange.

Step 7:

Once the outer tube is positioned in place, screw on the M20 locking nut to secure the outer tube in the correct position. Now the Fortress bolt interlock can be bolted to the mounting bracket, the key is required to retract the bolt to allow the valve to be closed/shut, with the key remaining trapped once valve is moved from fully opened position. In the fully opened position spot, drill the inner tube through the 10mm hole to know when valve is fully opened.


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