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Introducing Atom our NEW RFID Safety Interlock

Atom, a high-coded interlock with RFID (radio-frequency identification through the use of a high-coded actuator) and OSSD (Output Signal Switching Device) capabilities. Atom, part of the ncGard product range, is an ultra-robust and compact interlock with high misalignment ideal for use in applications where precise fitment of guards is not achieved through design, manufacture or use and abuse. Designed to be an extremely robust and a long-lasting interlock that requires minimal maintenance, Atom is resistant to shock and vibrations and offers a high level of protection against tampering.


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Australian Distributor for LightGuard Systems

Ikon Engineered Solutions has been appointed the Australian distributor for LightGuard Systems® — America’s leading pedestrian safety equipment provider and inventors of Smart Crosswalk™. Smart Crosswalk uses flashing amber LED light fixtures that are embedded into the roadway on both sides of the crosswalk, reinforcing the crosswalk lines. When pedestrians enter the crosswalk, the LED lights automatically begin to flash — warning motorists that pedestrians are inside or about to enter the crosswalk. Flashing LED pedestrian warning signs are also used to increase visibility and warning to motorists. To learn more about LightGuard’s complete range of traffic safety equipment and their applications, arrange an appointment with one of our engineers.