JettersNon-Engineered Products

Ikon Engineered Solutions are now your exclusive distributor for Jetters Edge, providing high pressure water jetters and Mustang nozzles. High pressure water jetters have been in use for clearing blocked drains for many years now. Compact units like the Racejet 4300 have been made specifically for plumbers, by plumbers and have been slowly replacing the old powered eel. Water jetters have many benefits over an eel including the following:-


  • Easier and faster to operate.
  • No electricity required to run jetter, just a garden tap.
  • No chance of being electric shock.
  • Charge out more for the jetter – Client gets a better job.
  • Single person operation – Does a better job at clearing all blockages.
  • Machine stays on vehicle, no heavy lifting/WHS risks.
  • Just wipe the hose when finished, grease lines, no greasy cables!
  • Mini Reel holds double the length of 2 eel cable carriers full of cables.
  • No mess when working in a house or office.
  • Average choke cleared in half the time means more jobs done in a day/more profits!
  • Scrubs the inside of the pipes using water only, without damaging the pipes.
  • Will do various other work including gutter and driveway cleaning, venturi pumping etc.
  • Uses less water than eel when testing drain after job (averages 100 litres per job).
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  • truck
  • racejet5000
  • racejet4000
  • trailer