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HRI wireless estop

HRI’s  Wireless  Emergency  Stop is  a  handheld  remote  emergency  stop  designed  from  the  ground  up  to  enable  the  safe  operation  of  remote  and  automated  systems.  It  provides  a  rugged,  ergonomic,  and  easy  to  understand  system with  a  flexible  receiver  that  both  implement  HRI’s  proprietary  SafetySense™ technology  to  ensure  both  consistent  and  reliable control.

Rugged  Handheld  Emergency  Stop  with  SafetySense  Wireless

pdfCDS-011-02_VSC_Data_Sheet.pdf691.92 KB

pdfCDS-020-02 EStop Data Sheet.pdf1.21 MB


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  • HRI’s  Wireless  Emergency  Stop is  a  handheld  remote  emergency  stop  designed  from  the  ground  up  to  enable  the  safe  operation
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